What to Expect

With your voucher in hand and registration on travel-voucher.co.za done and dusted, what can you expect to happen next? Well, we are here to make things clear and simple for you. We are in the business of putting a smile on your dial after all.

First things first traveler! With so many options available to you, it’s time to pick the one that jumps out and suits your travel needs. Once you have done this, simply add to cart. Remember to check out the “Let’s Get Down To The Brass Tacks” section on the accommodation offer page to make sure you understand exactly what it is you will be getting and what you need to cover. This you can find by simply scrolling down on the accommodation offer page you have selected – it is very important that you read this and check the text boxes applicable to you, as we want you to be clear about what’s what. We are, after all, all about transparency.

Now that you have made sure that you have read and understood the “Let’s Get Down To The Brass Tax” part of your chosen accommodation offer and checked all the boxes on the questionnaire, simply click on the view cart button above the resort/hotel name. We’re almost there! Next, once in your cart, you will see the accommodation offer of your choice. Depending on the offer you choose, you will see the price (free or 50% off) coupled with a small admin fee. You are now ready to proceed to checkout. Hit that blue button!

Next up, simply fill in the form with your details for processing and click on the Place Order button. Hey presto, you are all set to go! You will then see a page with our banking details and payment options. An email will be sent to you confirming the order of the accommodation offer of your choice.

From here your accommodation request is submitted to our fulfillment team. Should all the boxes be ticked (questionnaire checked and A-for-away), a travel consultant will contact you within 48 hours. Our travel service provider will get the ball on the roll with your reservation and handle flights for you should you have chosen the international accommodation option (Remember, flights are not included). As an experienced traveler, you should know that accommodation offers are subject to availability. Should the property of your choice not be available, we will give you at least three options to choose from with a similar vibe to it.

Keep on smiling. An experience of a lifetime awaits for you and your travel companion!